TopicBF4 Realmware Settings editor v1.1

  • Thu 6th Aug 2015 - 9:16am



    This application was first released on the , just after the release of the Battlefield 4 Beta. It allows you to easily customise and tweak all of your Battlefield 4 settings, without even having to launch the game!


    Realmware BF4 Settings Editor is a useful tool which allows you to tweak a great number of Battlefield 4 settings. This page lists each and every feature of the program.

    Easy to use

    • Your Battlefield 4 settings will be automatically loaded and saved.
    • You will be automatically notified about any new updates for BF4 Settings Editor.
    • Change your settings through an intuitive graphical user interface.
    • Helpful tooltips explain the purpose and effect of each setting.
    • Import your Battlefield 4 Beta settings with a single click.
    • Import your older Battlefield 3 settings with a single click.
    • Export your settings to the older Battlefield 3 with a single click.


    • Change your settings without wasting time launching the game.
    • There's no need to worry about a round ending while you're changing your settings, or being kicked from the server for being idle!


    • A backup of your settings will be automatically created on the first run.
    • You can create a safe backup of your settings at any time with a single click.
    • Automatically detects and repairs file errors when loading, importing, or exporting your settings.


    • Supports the majority of standard game settings.
    • Tweak hidden settings and key bindings.
    • View and configure multiple key bindings for each control.
    • Configure console commands to be automatically entered into the game on start-up.
    • Apply fixes for various game bugs and issues.
    • Store multiple settings files with the built-in profile manager.


    Download here:

    Source Site:


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