Topic Too Many Calories Equal Brain Death!

  • Fri 14th Sep 2018 - 1:18pm

    DBS involves surgical operations - the deep Brain Stimulator Method brain stimulator has to be implanted into targeted areas in the brain. The concept of the device is close to that of a heart's pacemaker wherein a carefully controlled electrical pulse is intended to reach specific regions of the brain to get appropriate responses or to correct inappropriate responses. The settings of the strength and the frequency of the pulse can be programmed and re-programmed by a clinician who knows exactly the settings needed for each patient having unique cases. Adjusting the settings of the device no longer need surgical operation.

    The effectiveness of DBS has been studied in 26 unique cases of severe OCD sufferers, all of which have proven to resist other modes of treatments such as CBT and SSRIs. Only a third of the sufferers showed insignificant improvements after the therapy and the surgery. Majority of the patients improved from being rated as severely obsessive compulsive to mildly or moderately obsessive compulsive.

    However, despite this good news, the sad truth lies on the fact that the implantation of the medical device used in CBS, like all other surgeries done in the head, pose great risk of cerebral hemorrhage and brain infections which might lead to death.

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