TopicWhat is a Healthy Heart Diet?

  • Thu 17th May 2018 - 11:08am

    The Roswell Park Cancer Institute, located in Buffalo, New  GRS Ultra York conducted a study that revealed that those who consume at least 2 cups of decaf every day have less chances of developing cancer of the lungs. This group who opt for decaf have 36 percent less chances of acquiring the disease compared to those who choose the regular coffee or black tea.Their findings revealed that even though coffee beans are rich in flavonoids, its anti-cancer effect is reduced with the presence of caffeine. Flavonoids are known to be antioxidants which can reduce the probability of developing malignant cells, defy aging, and other beneficial effects to our health.

    In general, antioxidants have been shown to demonstrate properties that can fight cancer. Like virgin coconut oil and any other heavily promoted natural supplements, the decaf as a source of antioxidants has not yet been proven to have therapeutic claims. As of the moment, there is still the necessity to conduct long-term medical studies for these antioxidant sources to be considered seriously as a treatment for cancer.

    If you're pregnant, then you're rabid about your nutrition. After all, what you eat feeds your child. Your pregnancy nutrition affects the brain health and the physical health of your unborn little one.If you don't already know, one of the most important nutrition during pregnancy factors is omega 3 fatty acids. These are essential nutrients that you can only get through your diet. Many doctors recommend adding supplements like fish oil to make sure you get enough. More on that in a moment.


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