Topic Quickest Way to Lose 5 Pounds - 3 Vital Keys You Can't Ignore

  • Thu 17th May 2018 - 6:26am

    Foods with a high glycemic index rating are those that fill you The Fat Decimator Review up quickly, give a fast burst of energy, but then leave you feeling hungry, lethargic, sleepy, moody, and irritable a short time later when you crash from the "sugar high". These foods include white bread, pasta and white rice. These are the same foods that many nutritionist refer to as "bad carbs".

    Food with a low glycemic index reading, on the other hand, fill you up, but raise blood sugar slowly and steadily, giving you a longer feeling of being full and continuous energy. These are also foods containing carbohydrates, but are considered "good carbs" as found in fruits and vegetables.

    Obviously diabetics must concern themselves with these numbers for better control over their condition. However, having some familiarity with the glycemic index ratings of foods can be effective for those who are attempting to lose weight. Many physicians are recommending Glycemic Index Diets because short-term studies show that consuming foods with a low glycemic index (gi) number can be an effective approach to long term weight loss, as foods with a low gi makes you feel full longer and stay satisfied longer, thus you are less likely to overeat, and because the body is actually utilizing the amount of glucose being produced, there is no excess glucose being stored as fat.

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