Topic Weight Loss Solutions Are Not Found in a Pill - The Solution is in You

  • Thu 17th May 2018 - 6:18am

    There is one area that you can understand very easily, and Fat Extinguisher understanding it will lead to a healthier and more slim you. This has to do with the way your body processes sugar and carbohydrates and the Glycemic Index chartEach food that you may eat has a place on the chart. The place of the food is based on how many carbohydrates and what kinds of carbohydrates it contains.When you eat food, your body breaks that food down and uses it in different ways. The sugars in the food are broken down either quickly or slowly. The Glycemic Index chart ranks the food based on how quickly the sugars are broken down.

    When your body breaks the sugars down quickly, this causes a quick rise in the blood sugar levels, which causes an insulin spike as your body tries to regulate itself. This insulin spike is unhealthy.Why is it unhealthy for me to go through an insulin spike? There are several reasons for this. A quick spike also leads to a quick drop, meaning that you will be tired and hungry quickly and you will want to eat again. Additionally, the spike will cause your body to store fat quicker and will put an extra work load on the pancreas.When you choose to consume foods that fall low on the chart, then your body will not go through the insulin spike that you would from foods high on the chart. You will be able to burn fat quickly and you will find that you will lose weight and become healthier.

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