TopicHow I Enlarged My 5" Penis to a Monster - The Do's and Do Not's in Penis Enlargement - My Experience

  • Mon 16th Apr 2018 - 1:58pm

    There are also different types of mechanical devices Member XXL to enlarge the penis. Traction devices, which scientific studies have proven give good results. However, they are very cumbersome and uncomfortable and must be worn for a long period of time. There is weight training for the penis dangling weights from your penis that some men swear by, but these methods seemed a bit too scary for us to try. Then there is the penis pump device, which you can get in any adult emporium. These will help you get an erection, but studies have shown that the ability for these pumps to add any real size to a penis is very minimal.

    We found that a method called Natural Penis Enlargement works best through exercising the penis. Simple methods that you can do in your own home in your own time. In basic form, you use your hands to stretch, squeeze, and pull on the penis. This encourages the penis to get fatter by increasing blood capacityand by getting longer by stretching out the structures ligaments and tissues that hold the penis in place. If you allow these structures to be lengthened, the penis will grow to greater lengths. The best analogy for this is a rubber band. If you stretch the rubber band out once, it will only stretch to a certain length. But the more times you stretch it, the longer it will stretch out. This is how this method works.

    There are other "exercise" based techniques that work on the PC muscles to increase penile strength, targeting and unlocking related structures related to the penis, and special massage techniques, too, that can prove very helpful.Of course, we are keen on these types of exercises because we found that they work. There are many web-sites that offer simple examples of these exercises and will help teach you the safest way and manner in which to utilize them for your own enlargement program.


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