Manguste eSports Team AtilaX @ Invitational Turin Xmas 2015

Tue 15th Dec 2015 - 8:47am : Gaming

The lineup (from left to right): Ass0Lt, Punch, Keiso, Fullsa, R4v3, iFr0z3n, Dendari

On December 12 and 13, a Battlefield 4 tournament was held at Turin during the Xmas Comics & Games event and four of the best italian teams were invited, but only one was the winner.

The Manguste Team AtilaX had an outstanding performance and didn't lose a single match and ended winning the tournament.

The Manguste Team AtilaX won the first place (here's them holding the prize)

The second place was taken by NextGaming Team Ultra, Team Liquid finished third and NextGaming Team eXtra ended up fourth place.

Group photo with all the teams members (Manguste, NextGaming and Team Liquid)

This tournament was the first step to bring back the competitive experience into the italian scene of Battlefield 4 as there will be more events to come until April 2016, when another offline final will be held.

It was a great week-end and the whole team had a lot of fun as it was also the first time playing together at offline event. To see more photos of the event you can visit our Facebook page at